Friday, 22 May 2015

CRM 2015 - How to change existing or add new theme

From long time customers were waiting the day Microsoft will allow them to change user interface of Dynamics CRM, so that they can have their own logo and colour theme applied to CRM to match their organization's brand. Finally the day has arrived. In spring 2015 release of CRM, Microsoft has launched a new feature to change theme. However we will not have full control like normal website, but still it is enough for customers to create a custom look and feel.

You can use your company logo instead of MS Dynamics logo and make changes to the default colors and visual elements provided in the un-customized CRM system. But themes are not included in solutions exported from CRM organization, but we can use export/import if needed, however there are only few options and it will take same amount of time to copy and paste from one CRM organization to another.

Personally I found it very useful because it allowed us to make all our CRM systems (Live, development & UAT) look different. We have selected different colours for all three different environment to eliminate the confusion. 

To change the theme, follow the steps below:

1. Go to setings > customizations in new menu. (Which is far better then the previous one, as display sub-options under the main options. Which made the life a lot easier for desktop users.)

2. Under customizations, click on Themes.

3. Under themes you will see a default theme. If you have plans to revert back to default theme then don't edit it and create a new theme or clone the existing one. In this example I am going to create a new theme instead of cloning. Upload your own logo and set all the colors as you want. Though I am using some flashy colors, please forgive me if they are not meeting usability standards, I am selected those just to test this new feature.

 4. Save and Publish the theme. you can preview it if you want. But as we have not deleted the original theme we have an option to go back to that. You can switch between existing themes by simply setting one as default.

Once you are happy with the new look, set it as default and enjoy.

P S Hayer

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